Google Chrome Is Not Your Default Browser Problem

Avast Secure Browser also contains an ad blocker and extra protection against security threats like identity theft. To delete in bulk, tap Clear in the bottom-right corner. Then, choose how much of your history you’d like to clear. Just like on desktop, there’s no opportunity to confirm your choice, so be sure that you’re choosing correctly.

  • If you see an improvement, you know one of your extensions is to blame and can systematically enable and disable them to figure out which it is.
  • If you’d rather add a little visual bling, however, you can change Chrome’s default theme.
  • Last month, Google released Home Screen widgets for the Chrome browser on iOS, and now, it’s bringing new changes to its existing widgets for the Google app.
  • After serving as co-chief executive of Seznam, a Czech search engine, Michal Feix leads the company’s legal efforts against Google.

You can change the preferred language to for Google interface and translate webpages to this language when you need. The added languages for Google Chrome are under Language. You can click the three-dot menu button next to each language to reorder the Chrome languages if you prefer. You can also remove specific language which you don’t need any longer from the menu. This will further open a drop-down menu, having names of several different languages present. Over here, search for the English language by typing it in the search bar found in the top right.

How To Make Chrome Use Less Ram

Everything from movies, brands, games, sports and more can be applied for the look you’re after. Themes in Google Chrome allow you to get a piece of that customization back, and they even have some neat little tricks like the ability to remove the Google logo completely. Leaving only a search bar, and tons of other customization if you look hard enough for a theme that fits what you want. Themes In Google chrome allows you to get a piece of that customization back, and they even have some neat little tricks, like the ability to remove the Google logo completely. Leaving only a search bar and tons of other customization.

How To Install Extensions In Google Chrome?

Let’s take a look at it step-by-step so you know what you need to do. Only critical bugs in CleanMyPC will be fixed in the future;no new features or improvements will be added. Open tabs, even those that are hidden, consume RAM, processor cycles, and energy.

This is also fairly easy to check, and you have a couple different options to do so. Besides the fact that Apple has a tumultuous history with Adobe Flash, the plugin has always been known to be a drag despite its frequent necessity. If any of these are showing, you’ll see an option to “Update Google Chrome” at the top of the three-dots menu. If this option isn’t present and the icon is colored, then you’re running the latest version of Chrome, and this isn’t your problem. Reducing the number of open tabs saves RAM. With the OneTab extension it doesn’t matter how many tabs you have open because OneTab converts all your open tabs into a single list, so those open tabs are merged into a single tab.

On Google Chrome, changing the default language would make the Menu, Settings, toolbar and all other user interface elements appear in the new language. After that, select your preferred language and click on the Save button. Now onwards, your Google search will also be in the language of your choice.

A single tab won’t make a difference, but if there are three or four such tabs, Google Chrome will feel slow. Even with a built-in chromium browser Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome remains the default choice for Windows users. One of the reasons for choosing Google Chrome is the unrivaled performance.

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